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Lisa Anne Auerbach – Politisk strikk


Strikkekunster Lisa Anne Auerbach strikker tøffe gensere, gensere med slagord! Det er feminisme i vakkert mønsterstrik – noe ganske annet, for å si det mildt. Hva syns du? Akkurat nå er det utstilling i Malmø som jeg gleder meg så til å besøke. Jeg har samlet litt forskjellig som inspirerer kanskje deg?

I just had to show you the sweaters made by the American artist Lisa Anne Auerbach. She create sweaters with political feminist slogans. What do you think? I’m so excited about the exchbition currently on in Malmø (will be visitig soon).

Some would say that people’s persona or identity is mirrored in the clothes they wear. We show part of ourselves, who we are and how we live through what we wear. Having said that, it should also be stated that we seldom display direct social or political opinions, questions and/or commentary on our clothes. However, the Los Angeles based artist Lisa Anne Auerbach proudly does the opposite. Auerbach knits sweaters with slogans, words, graphical symbols that comment on her views in a straightforward, satirical and political way. Sentences like, ‘Where there’s drink there’s always damage’, ‘Would you buy a used car from this man?’, ‘Is there more freedom here?’ or ‘I used to be part of the solution’, and on the backside, ‘… now I’m part of the problem’ are a few of Auerbach’s statements knitted into the sweaters.